Getting Rich With Internet/Social Media

Everyone loves to get rich but the tiny hindrance is how to go about it and the wrong way of thinking getting rich involves huge financial background, a high pay job and a huge capital to start up a business. This might have been the case years back. Today I am going to review to you on how to get rich with no capital. Hey, I know what you are thinking right now, Is this dude crazy? how can I be rich with no money? Stick with and let me prove to you how it works.

Where Are You Now Financially

The only way to move forward with your finance is to be sincere with yourself. Be truthful and outline where you stand financially at the moment. Are you broke?, Poor? or struggling to pay your bills and feeding after which you are left with nothing or an amount too small to embark on bigger project. These simple questions will hep you with clarity unto your surrounding and push your brain to seek for solution and remedy from financial handicap.

Your mind is the greatest tool you have, ones you start given your mind the chance to challenge itself, more openings and financial solutions will begin to locate you. You see, the rich challenge their minds with difficult questions to keep the brain working and not sleeping.

One of the reasons the rich deal with the rich is because of the common ground they find their selves talking about challenges on how to make money and to increase their financial intelligence. Majority of people who are financially unstable feel uncomfortable when people talk about money.

Social Media

You don’t need money in other to influence people on social media. All you need is to be creative and inform people of what you think is relevant at the moment. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself how many minutes you spend a day on social media. Well you are not alone, many people do the same thing. You can leverage social media and get to make money through it.

You might be thinking there is nothing you can offer on the net that will make people buy your story. This is the best part, social media don’t need a lot of quality content. Be it educative or not, there are always consumers ready to read what you offer. Before you start thinking about how to get the money you make from social media can’t make you get rich, I want you to think of the lives of Evan Spiegel who used Snapshot and he is at $4.9 billion, Jack Dorsey of twitter with $8 billion not forgetting Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook with a whooping sum of $92.9 and a host of others.

Make money online business. Social media advertisement, content writing, e-commerce. Mobile app screens. Vector banner template for website and mobile development. Web site design illustration.

A quick reminder, becoming rich using social network doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and a positive mind to build social revenue. The amount you earn monthly will definitely not be homogeneous when you start and your followers won’t just increase in a day. Good things take time and ones they are established, they will last for eternity. If you want to make money on the internet, then you should consider reading this further and establish a strong base.

How To Use Social Media

The likes of Jack Ma and Bill Gate use social media to make money till date. They own accounts on almost all social networks which they use to either educate or sell digital products. By so doing, they are paid through ads’. These ads’ are not created by them though they appear on their content as you watch them talk either on YouTube or on Facebook.

These ads’ are created by people like you and me who are seeking a secondary source of income by joining affiliate programs which are free for anyone and the popular Google Adsense that pays per click as people browse through your content. It’s a two-way thing, you as the content creator is paid by allowing ads’ on the content you create while the ads’ creator is paid as people watch or click on the ads’ you allow on our content.

You see, we are both helping each other to climb up in making money. Why waste your time browsing and scrolling from Facebook to Instagram when you can actually make money by allowing ads’ circulate on your social media platform.

What You Should Do

Having a Facebook page is a nice start. If you can’t make money on Facebook or YouTube channel with only 300 followers on it, then you won’t be able to make money even when you have 300k followers. It’s easy to make money through social media by following these simple steps

  1. Create a website. You can get my #1 recommendation creating a free website here. You need a website because Google adsense that pays per click only accepts you through a website.
  2. Create a social media page on Facebook, twitter, YouTube
  3. Incorporate your social media platforms to your website. This is because Google is the biggest platform that exposes your content to millions of viewers round the world.

Note: You can actually make money on YouTube without owning a website. But the truth is, why settle for $1000 when you can actually earn 5 times of that by using the same content through all your social media platforms?

Using YouTube to represent the video content that can also be used to in the form of writing on your website. This allows you to have more followers and as you know, the more followers you have, the more money you make.

Why You Need A Website

A Million of people including you visit Google when you look for information. Be it to buy, sell or for research, we all dive straight to Google searching for the information we need either for a particular product we wish to buy or research on a particular topic.

What many people don’t know is, this information is provided by individuals like you. They started with no skills and they are where never expats. Creating a website doesn’t need genus knowledge as there are free platforms with training tools ready to train all newbie for a little cost of $19.

After your training, you can join large markets through affiliate programs that are free and start advertising their products or services while you earn a huge commission by adding links on your site and also allowing ads’ on your site.

Where Should I Go From Here

My number #1 recommendation is here. One of the training platforms with 8 plus figure mentors and has being existing for more than 15 years today. It teaches you all the basics you need about making money online through content creation be it on YouTube, Facebook etc.

This platform is one of the most outstanding ones out of the millions of marketing platforms you can find on the net by doing a simple search. Their product and services is free for all starter members. That’s the reason it remains the most outstanding training platforms for all marketers and newbies entrepreneurs.

With this platform, content creating that scares many people be made simplified even to people who have never used the net before.

My Final Thoughts

I was new in the digital marketing business and I was always wondering how to make extra income till was found myself on my number #1 recommendation. I have been an inspiration to others while I still make money without disturbing anyone for assistance, Every day is an adventure in my journey of marketing and my success is shown through my social media platforms as I share daily and weekly earning records.

There is always a beginning. If you have read this far, then you are an ACTION taker. I applaud you for that because a host of people never get pass the first paragraph. You are already an action taker and you will succeed and testify to many about your encounter.

If there is anything I have learned since I started doing business online, cutting the shorts in your business without asking questions from a boss is really awesome. The free will of not being late for wake has being wiped out and I on the second level to financial independence.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about building your own business. You’ll receive a website, hosting. Training, 24/7 support and some pretty awesome tools.

How To Escape Pressure from Friends And Relatives

We are in a dynamic society with so many choices and big dreams to fit in without any rejection. Most of us or you have tons and thousands of friends and relatives who either expect you to help without asking questions and when ever you are unable to help, they turn to take it personal and think you are stingy. Some times it is frustrating and you get that feeling as if you are getting it all wrong and seems something is wrong with you.

Well, do you know if you are financially down, it means you can’t help? Which do you prefer? to be comfortable and then help them or to struggle to help them and continue marking time in the same position for a longer period?

The truth is, how well do your friends and relative know you and how satisfied do you think they will get because of the little support you render to them? I know we are supposed to stick to gaining knowledge on helping relatives and friends and still not lose face with any of them. Let’s take a walk to Africa.

A Typical African Family

Families in Africa are usually made up of many people. It’s a culture and a style of life for anyone who is stable in the family to reciprocate kindness to other members of the family. The problem is how far can you go with assisting each everyone with penny’s? In Africa, family doesn’t end with father mother and children, it is extended to cousins, nephews, aunts and uncles. If you are unfortunate or blessed to come from a huge family huge and you are the bread winner, everyone problems start looking at you.

Pathetic as it seems, this is the reality of things and many can’t just help it but try to follow the pattern. As you struggle to build yourself, you provide to your extended family as well. Mostly, there is always a dispute even. Siblings of the same parent who are your relative expect you to single out each everyone for help.

Hey, are you in that situation? Trust me, everyone can’t like you as everyone is fighting for his survival. I have been in a situation were three cousins ask for money in the same month. Trust me, they are from the same parent but they needed money separately and for different reasons. Telling one of them that his brother just asked me for help 3 days ago so I can’t help him as well at the moment. His respond was, ”that’s my brother you helped not me”.

Responds like that could easily make you start thinking if you offended anyone and could just take you off track. I was speechless, felt bad and I took his words as a motivating factor. I am glad I found a remedy for similar situations like this one. In a couple of minutes, you will find out how to implement this to your extended family and friends so, they will be able to know you well.

Helping only family members is not just enough though it is not imperative that you have to help friends like classmates and friends you grow together.

Friends Of Friends

Of course helping does not just end with relatives. We all have those wonderful friends we even wish they were part of our families. There is even an old saying which I think came from the bible in the story of Cane and Abel. Many Africans mimic this like a joke, the best friend is better than a bad brother. I want you to picture yourself in a situation were you feel you need to help a friend but you are still very unstable but your friends and more unstable than you.

Most people feel obligated and would like to help by all means even though they know their responsibility is more than what they are actually facing. Mind you, helping is a choice and you should not feel guilty if you can’t help someone. You are always a priority and you should always look at yourself first before catering for another. This is not selfishness but a fact. Take it or live it, you will not reach your full potentials without applying a little strength of reluctance with every situation that comes your way.

Would you help a friend with your last money for the day and stay hunger for two weeks? Be honest with yourself and answer that truthfully. I do have many friends and relatives, but giving them monthly finance has never changed their financial status as they always come back every month asking for more. This goes to friends also, you help them with a little penny and they come asking for more months later. What if you instead teach them to feed for themselves?

Teach Them How To Catch Fish

Schooling made you meet people you now consider as family. Their problems affect you and you are willing to help them but things are slow and not working as you want things to be. Guess what? things will never be perfect, the higher you climb to the top, the more the responsibility. Friends will know you more and keep you closer when they are a bit comfortable like you are.

When they are no longer asking you for almost everything. No one like asking, situation make them ask for those things as little as you see them. If you want to get away from this situation, you should read further to see what people are actually doing to advert this situation and to live happily with friends and relatives without critics of who is helped first because he/she asked first.

My mentor gave me this tip and I have been able to settle some of my friends and relatives for life. I only get gratitude because they will for no reason ask me for money since they are making their own and they can help others in the family chain.

  • Teach Them A Skill

You must be saying I know this and I have tried it and it never worked. Excuse me, the skills explained here are not the traditional skills of learning a trade. Most family members think settling a relative or friend is easy to send him/her to learn a trade and that will take them off their case. Most of these actions have failed because they learn the trade, get the skills, experience and will as well need more money to establish. At least paying for rents, buying equipment for a start.

This is very expensive and you don’t have to follow all these procedures if you are working smart. This is what smart people do and their families and friends are living large no matter which part of the world they choose to stay. They are making a living working for themselves within the first 2 months of engagement in learning a skill that make money work for you. Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and make money for you or to introduce a relative into learning this skill?

  1. Show them what they should do with their phones instead of just playing Facebook, Instagram and twitter. In today’s world, with just a phone and internet, there tons of opportunities to make you big and become the next JEFF BEZOS who started his empire at his parents garage and today he is the richest man in the world.
  2. Introduce them to a mentor who can show them the right online skills with little or no capital to start earning. This will save you a lot more than the expenses of learning a trade. With full time internet and a laptop with the right marketing platform, you don’t have to spend more than $50 before you start seeing results within a month time.
  3. My number #1 recommendation which will teach you or which you can refer your relatives and friends is a life changer.
  4. A trade requires higher capital than engaging them to work smart. The digital industry is a vast one and making real money from it only takes less time though the first 2 weeks need concentration for setting it up. Ones it is set up, you don’t have to border that much as your time will start paying you dividends within months. A trade will take more money and more time before your cash flow can be seen.

My Take On This

I have personally being involved with this particular marketing platform for just a few months. And I have been able to make great sales with additional recurring from referrals of $23 per referrals. With the strategies thought on this platform, you don’t need to persuade friends and relatives to joining as referrals. There are thousands of people who need information which I am sure you have and you can provide just that in the form of content and you will be paid for that. Your content will be integrated on search engines and you will become a source of information.

My relatives and friends took this advice and now they are doing just great. I sacrificed to pay a $19 starter membership fee for each one of them and I told them to stick with the training which is provided in the form of videos. They are able to build and host their first ever website live within an hour and they became excited and much more curious to learn.

Today is already 4 months and they are helping others and earning for themselves. You see, with just $19, I have reduced much more of my work in the family as they can support me now with others. Try this and you will be doing a live time investment that will accumulate wealth for the rest of your life.

Where Should You Start

The right information today is power because wealth is stored in the from of information. No matter who you are or were you come from, you are a source of information. Start by providing this information on your social media platforms through an affiliate program that will help you monetize your site and you will earn and accumulate wealth passively.

Provide a cell phone to a friend or relative and introduce him to learn a high income skills like my number#1 recommendation that is building me dividends daily and monthly.


I would like to mentor you and show you more other ways to monetize your side and make money from it. You don’t need any prior knowledge to start making money online. There is also a free starter member package that can help you build and launch your campaign

Please do use the comment sector if you have any query related to this topic. We welcome any form of knowledge concerning the matter discussed and how to improve our platform. Talk to you.


How To Get Your Financial House In Order

Life is about choice. I know everyone love to be rich and if two choices are given between being poor and being rich, majority will prefer to be rich. Most people are successful either in their careers or businesses but still face financial struggle and always end up in the rate race when they can no longer work hard or after they are retired. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to get your finance in order and be more stable even just by earning a penny.


A huge number of individuals with financial struggle are believers of the traditional methods of making money. They are still stalked into what the school taught them about making money. School teach one thing, go to school, get good get grades graduate and look for a job which will help you earn money.

The truth is, this really isn’t the situation in the real world. You can make a choice to be rich by accepting new ideas as you grow up or you can remain poor and stick to your traditional ways of making wealth. He whose choice is to be rich listens to both ideas and then compare the two and choose which is best. You can just accept or reject what you don’t know.

As you grow comparing these choices, you will be choosing and decide the one that best gives you the chance of becoming who you want to become. When young, choices are generally made for us. As we grow and mature, we learn to make our own choices, a slow, steady process fraught with both joy and frustration.

Be ready as it’s time to make one of the most critical decisions of your life whether to take control of your finances. This is critical to you if you are just finding this write up today because if you take control of your finances, it empowers you to shape a new life for yourself. The choice is really a series of smaller decisions.

The decisions to change your financial future is a merely preliminary. Taking the decision to follow up, renewed each day you open your eyes is the most critical choice.

What You Should Do

Here is a step-by-step program designed to help set you free financially and for a better understanding of your income. Majority of people earn money but never get to know their expenses and what has being kept aside. You spend your salary paying bills and feeding. Before you know it, you are left with nothing and end of month is already around the corner with more bills to pay and the circle continues.

I did this and I saw a huge difference hence sharing with you is like a blessing in disguise. This is among the rich secrets. They follow a pattern to accumulate assets which help them make money even while they sleep. The poor and the middle class wait monthly for salary and always end up in Rate Race.

  1. Begin with general assessment. Fill out genuinely your own personal financial statement to determine where you are. Do it for yourself and don’t be shy about it. Things will only get better when you are truthful to yourself.
  2. Set new and exciting goals for yourself and focus to your bottom line getting out of debt and reducing costs. This is the step to take control of your finance and your cash flow. One this is accomplished, you’ll be ready to use your mind and your money to invest in the future.

Whatever you have decided to do in step 1 and 2 above should become your savvy investor. Open your business or use the business you already own as the ultimate investment vehicle. I assure you, by the time you this be set and followed properly, you will see yourself escaping the Rate Race gradually.or at least be prepared to take that giant step towards freedom.

Go to your pace and most importantly, don’t give up. Whenever fear or doubt blocks your path, circle around these obstacles and keep going on. It is part of the process, And you will find that with every step you take, your confidence grow along with your asset.

Keep in mind, the reward of all this is not only the freedom that money buys, but also the confidence you gain in yourself for they are really the same.

If you have read up till here, then I must congratulate you for making the choice to seek financial freedom. You’ve begun the financial education that will help you on your path. Let me help you out with a plan to get you started.

Where Are You?

By now, you must be probably asking ” Where do I begin” You may also be a little intimidated. I want to assure you, you are not alone. Everyone who has dreamed of financial freedom and then taken the steps to achieve is has felt the same way at first. Do not lose focus, if the rich can do it, with determination and sound plan, you can too.

To reach your financial goal, the first thing you must do is figure out where you are. The reason for this being, if you don’t know where you are, you can’t expect to get where you want to go. Knowing where you means taking an honest inventory of your financial situation.

Where Do Go From Here?

What you will want to do now is to invest into learning a skill that is different from what the school teaches. There are many skills on network marketing. Many affiliate programs which are free for starter membership. You should enroll in one and start  building passive income. Check out my number#1 recommendation. You don’t have to be afraid in learning a new skill. My number #1 recommendation is design for newbies with no experience and does not need any prior knowledge of the internet in order to succeed in it. The training is straight forward and the starter membership is free.

My Thoughts

Learning a skill will bring you a fortune that will last test of time than ever having a day job. I have created wealth through self thought skills in the internet and I am making at least $200 a day. I am still learning and discovering new ideas to better my skills. You can do same and you might even get better it and become a pro through the journey.

Come to think of it, your parents always woke up early going to the office from Monday to Friday but yet they still struggled financially. This should tell you, working hard doesn’t guarantee a change in you financial situation. The old traditional ways of working are no longer effective.

I hope this helped and should in case you have any question or something to add regarding the above topic, please leave a comment below and we will be more than ready help you out with your query.


Making Money and Wealth In The 21st Century/ Wealth Made Easy

Many people think it is difficult to make money or better still, those with millions today were born with riches and wealth from their ancestors. In my venture to exploit how money has transformed over time, I will be exposing key things that are behind the secret of making money and accumulating wealth.

What Is Money

Money is simply a verified item that is generally acceptable for the payment of goods and services. Over time money has been used for our daily transactions and it has been a part of mankind. The venture of people making more money and living a comfortable life style they have desired has always been denied because they are unable to afford the life style their hearts desire. Money is easy to multiply and its also very easy to depreciate if not well managed.

Many still live with the inferiority complex simply because money circulate mostly among the rich who are often seen living in luxury even around the neighborhood of the poor who are intimidated by the lavish life style as they are unable to meet up with this life style.

The Transformation Of Wealth


The most powerful country on the planet today is the USA. This is not because they were born to be the most powerful nation. 300,000 years ago, wealth was land and the person who had land also had wealth. The USA had land reasons why they became powerful because they had a vast land in which by then, wealth was stored and measured in. Wealth in the form of land was not mobile, they were able to control everything and could even cage and build fences so no one else gets wealthy as they were. Due to evolution of time, wealth later was transformed.


Wealth later was accumulated in factories meaning who ever had factories also had wealth. From the later example, you can still tell who had lands will also be second in having vast factories since these factories are build on land. The USA is powerful or rather became powerful because they had this and they could control land and production in terms of distribution and ownership. That’s not the case today as we are in the new era were wealth very mobile and no one can keep it for long.


In today’s society, wealth is stored in the form of information. Who ever has the most needed and valuable information obviously will accumulate enough wealth for himself or for the family and his/her unborn generation. The IT has provided a vast terrain to socialize and get the most valued information out of it.

Many people think the creation of IT will replace human and take jobs from them. Well, this is impossible because the human brain can’t be positioned and creativity will always be there. Many billionaires will continue to exist and more new transformation and adjustments will be made. Wealth is mobile and if you are smart enough to see, you will grab every opportunity and become the next big thing.

What You Can Do With Information

Mind you, there is no right or wrong information. It just depends on which information you are looking for. For example, if you want to be rich, you should be reading books that talk about money or should be following talks about money on TV or through social media.

Same as if you are on Facebook, you must have seen how many people create funny videos and post them incorporating ads on these videos. Google pays them for these ads while you are viewing their skit or even while just browsing through the comic content.

Everything on social media now is paying. People leverage social media platforms to accumulate wealth and enrich themselves without disturbing you as you surf the net. Why can’t you do same? Socializing is a trend and it cost you equal to nothing to socialize on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and make money from it.

Why waste your data to watch some cramp on social media while you can just do both. Watching the cramp and enrich people while others watch or read what ever content you send out there. It is a win-win situation and favorable for all users.

Where To Go From Here

There are a thousand reasons why you should know you have something to offer to someone out there and you are not limited to ideas. I started like you months back and now I’m creating amazing income online without with the help I got through affiliation.

My number #1 recommendation is wealthy affiliate. It is a platform that will help you build ideas in less than a week and you will be able to create amazing content and earn passive income within the first month. The training on this community has a free starter membership and it is reliable. The only unique platform that will help mold your ideas and make the journey easy for you.

My Personal Take

In other for anyone to have a strong base on social media and accumulate massive wealth, there is a need to own a website. Many affiliate programs like Google Adsense which pays just for you to allow ads to appear on your website requires you to prove you are a real person and you own a website which is running.

With this, you are able to join and many affiliate programs and which are all free. This also means more money as you join more programs. I’m a premium member of wealthy affiliate community that provide training for all newbies and provides a website hosting platform which is renewable yearly.

I hope this helped. I’m willing to help you out if you have any question or comment related to this topic, please use the comment section below.

Longrich MLM Review-How Do People Make Money From Longrich

Can you make a decent income by selling erectile dysfunction products as an MLM Rep? In this Longrich MLM Review I reveal the truth behind the Longrich MLM Program.

When it comes to directly selling products, (MLM) multi-level marketing companies may feel like a good fit for many of us. And most people sell a product they already use which makes selling those products easier, too. Longrich is a company that sells health products and a few other related products through direct selling. But can you get behind these products to earn a decent income? In this Longrich MLM review, I’ll take a look at the products and how this company works. You may be discouraged after you read this.

What Is Longrich MLM

Longrich is a multi-level marketing company that was started founded by My Xu Zhiwei who also founded Snake Industry Company of Changshu which is a budding form of Longrich Group. He founded the company in 1986 and only discovered the high demand for health and skin care products in 1995. This has been seen has the beginning of Longrich on wards towards leadership. The founder of Longrich is previously a carpenter and their products available in Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, Cameroon, Nigeria,United Arab Emirate, South Korea and other different countries.

When the company first started back in 1986, they sold their products through traditional retailers but didn’t make much money. This continued until July 2009 when it was licensed by the ministry of commerce for direct selling(multi-level marketing). With this achievement Longrich has grown greatly and their income has drastically increased. Longrich is one of the leading Chinese cosmetics company with a variety of household cleaning products, health care and pet care products. They claim to have about 12.000 employees worldwide in about 183 countries.

Are Longrich Products Worth Their Price?

There are a number of products that you can sell as a Longrich distributor. Ranging from all kinds of Cosmetics, Personal care, Household, Health and Pet care products. Superbklean Anion sanitary napkins is one of the most popular products in the Longrich catalog. This is a sanitary napkin made with Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions. It is claimed to have been refined with green chip technology which partially activates the human bio-energy field and produces far-infrared emission resulting in a large number of negative ions. This product contains ions that allegedly claims accelerates intracellular electrical activities which improves circulation, increase vaginal secretion and strengthens women self-protection. This product is highly promoted and accounts for about 60% of product sales.

The image below shows a Longrich Sanitary superbklean napkin which I tried searching on Amazon, Walmart which are the biggest markets as of now, surprisingly, the products can’t be found on Amazon. There are 4 PCs in each box so each PAC is a one-month usage.

But, why will a big company as Longrich not able to have a market on amazon? I could only see a single uploaded product of the Superbklean napkin on Amazon which was unavailable at that time.

Here is the problem, If this company is big and has quality products as they claim, there is no reason for their products not be advertised or sold on one of the biggest markets like Amazon.

Another problem is, Longrich products claim to have Magnetic Energy, Anion, Far Infrared) capable of relieving women of all problems common to menstrual periods such as swollen vulva, virginitis, itching, distending pain in the lower abdomen, edema, headache. But according to NDA (National Drug Authority), the claim of sanitary longrich advertising magnetic sanitary napkins is a deceitful act and warned the dealers against this.

The Longrich MLM Opportunity

You have an understanding about Longrich products. In order for you to be successful, you need to stand behind the product you are selling. Success in Longrich means you have to talk to as many people as you can each day. Convince them to buy your product or for them to join your down lane as your first generation for you make profit from them.

You can see the sanitary napkin which is one of the most popular products, unfortunately for this product, there are many better products easy to find in the market like amazon. There is no vast market for their products apart from daily rallies which are easily halted in case of an epidemic like the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

The products are very had to find with a little market centered in Asia only. of course this is because the company is an ASIAN owned company and they feel like it is a responsibility to cater for their own. You out of Asia will only make you job difficult as a Lonrich Rep.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Longrich

To enroll in the Longrich program as a distributor you’ll need to pay an amount of money which equates the products provided to you by the company. On many forums, Longrich dealers seems to make it seem as if joining their program is FREE. Well, this is not true, like any other pyramid scheme, Longrich has 5 entry level. QSilver membership, Silver membership, Gold membership, Platinum membership, VIP membership.

Each of this entry level requires you to deposit an upfront and the company intends give you products which they claim are worth the money you paid. For example, let’s say you join the QSILVER MEMBERSHIP, you will be subjected to pay $90 as a GOLD MEMBER, you will have to pay $591.40, VIP PLATINUM pays $3046.59 and you are set to start as a Longrich Rep.

Another requirement is, you to make sure you have down line members, to look for people to join Longrich before you can enjoy any commission or benefits with the company. You won’t earn any commission if you are unable to bring in at least 3 new members after you and the 3 new members have to bring in other 3 members each and the chain continues. This is the reason Longrich MLM is described as a pyramid.

Can You Make Money with Longrich

Aside from the initial cost, you are required to either sell the products provided to you after the payment was completed or use the products by yourself. That is, changing your brand of things you used before to Longrich made products. You will be tempted to divert from Colgate toothpaste to Longrich toothpaste and a lot more.

The other way to make money is by recruitment. The more people you can recruit, the higher up you go in the rankings. Starting with QSILVER, you can then move up to VIP MEMBERSHIP. The levels go all the way up to becoming a director as long as you recruit more people who then recruits others. The idea be that the people you recruit are also recruiting people to be on their team as well.

As you move up the ladder there’s a down line rank balanced requirement. For instance, when you move from Diamond 7 you need three legs with Diamond 5 on each legs with a total pvs of *$806.45PVS* So you can have the total pvs but if your legs are not balanced your rank will not reflect. Also, you can balance the legs but if the total pvs required for that rank is not up to your New rank will not reflect. 1 Star Director you need three legs with Diamond 6 on each legs with a total pvs of $2688.17 PVS and that applies to 2 Star Director to 5 Star Director.

In order to make money you’re under to sell products, recruit people to join your team and ensure that your recruits are selling plenty of products as well. It is imperative that your team recruit as many people as possible for you make money from this scheme.


You Can Start At Any Level

One of the unique things about joining Longrich be that, you can start at any level and climb up the ladder. Also, the products you paid for can be used by you for home consumption and there is no monthly auto shipment of products to keep your status active.

Good Commissions and Bonuses

Like most MLM programs, Your commissions are based on your PV. You can earn 30% to 40% from products purchased by new preferred customers. You’ll also earn a bonus when someone buys or becomes a member of your team.

Royalty Commissions

As you move up in the ranks, you can also qualify for Royalty Commissions. The company Shares 1% of the coy’s monthly turnover (sales) as a VIP member – Shareholder. Same points generated by you are paid for by the company, can qualify you for free trips, cars and still move you from one rank to another till star director level where 2.5% of global sales are shared among directors twice a year.


Negative Side Effects

One thing that should concern you be that the products are not approved by the NDALook at the screenshot below.

The distributors of these products are not physicians and whatever they advertise or say about the products they sell is not a reflection of a qualified doctor.


Pyramid Scheme

Unfortunately, Longrich operates a pyramid scheme which is illegal in some countries. The pyramid scheme is extremely volatile many of such businesses have a very short expiration dates. For instance, lets say you recruit the first 3 people as your first leg or your first generation to start earning from, the 3 recruit another 3 each making a total of 9. Once the next generation is unable to have another recruit, the chain starts dying and money stop coming.

This is why pyramid schemes are so awful in joining of you want to earn a long term income. It is not possible to go behind everyone to join you in business as even if you succeed, you will earn up recruiting every member of your family and even the president of the country.

Fraudulent Business Practices

The Bank of Namibia has declared Longrich MLM as an illegal financial scheme, and has called in its promoters to cease their operations immediately. This is just one of the cases and problems Longrich is facing. In Botswana according to, a Botswana based publication, has established that, at least 200 people who invested money in Longrich through a Kenyan couple by name Walter Mogi and Elena Tai 1 million Botswana currency. They claimed this money was paid in a South African account. Check here for the complete story.


Expensive starter membership

Starter membership is quite expensive as there is no guarantee you will be able to recruit people on your down line for you to make money or if you will be able to sell the products you got from a starter membership. The QSILVER which is reserved as the lowest for starter member is at $90 which you will definitely upgrade to Silver level in order to enjoy the claimed 8% benefit from your down line referrals.

True be told, $90 as a Qsilver member will only give you 2-4 products at most, how can you organize a seminar showing just 4 products? This is their game, you will prefer to go for a higher membership which means more money and more product because you will want to offer products to potential customers during your seminar or your one of your street marketing show. That’s way too much to invest in a pyramid scheme which will eventually not last for long.

For instance, I have built online businesses with daily income with just $19 for a starter membership with wealthy affiliate. I make regular sales with just little money and time on my desktop.

No Business Disclosure Statement

Also, the fact that Longrich has been in existence for 34 years without a financial statement is a kind of unacceptable. Its obvious Longrich is trying to keep the extremely low income of its business under radar in order for potential associate not to be discouraged from joining.

Is Longrich a Scam?

Working for MLMs is pretty high pressure because you only make money when you sell products and recruit people. And if your recruits leave because they’re not making money themselves, you lose any residual income and ranking. In the meantime, you are still on the hook to look for more people and to as well sell the products you already have with you. It might not be a scam but it’s a difficult way to make money.

Final Thoughts

Truthfully, Longrich is among the top 5 worst MLM companies I have come across. The fact that they target mostly poor countries in Africa and Asia where people are most likely to fall for such scheme since information in these places is still vague.

Selling products on a commission-only basis takes a lot of hard work. And it can become quite discouraging when the products you are selling can actually be purchased online for the same price. Yes, your customers will get the personal touch by buying from you, but they may not be interested in a long-term relationship. A lot of people tend to try these products and forget them. They may not be willing to sign up and talk to many people as you did.

Building any new business takes hard work. In order to be successful, you have to believe in what you are doing. Your success with an MLM will depend on selling tons of products and recruiting as many people as you can.

If you’d rather have absolute control over your business, check out my top recommended resource. You’ll learn how to run your own business from your home or anywhere else. It’s completely portable. You’ll get all the tools you need to be successful.

This Is How I Earn Full Time Online Income

  1. Free to join
  2. No MLM
  3. No direct selling
  4. Low operational cost
  5. No day to day marketing

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Juice Plus MLM Review – Making Money Selling Fruits $ Vegetables

Can you make money selling fruits and vegetables as an MLM distributor? In my Juice plus MLM review, I Reveal the Truth Behind the Juice Plus MLM Program.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash, signing up as a distributor with an MLM might look easy to you. Luckily, people always seem to need fruits and vegetable products. Juice plus is a multilevel marketing company that reduces fruits and vegetable to powder and put it in capsules. In this Juice Plus MLM Review, I’ll check out the products to see if you can make money selling them and if this is a decent opportunity for you. It may not be as easy as you think.

What is Juice Plus MLM?

This multilevel marketing company with the head quarter in Collierville, Tennessee, United States sells dietary supplements concentrated with fruits and vegetable. The company was founded in 1993 by Jay Martin, a school teacher-turned entrepreneur. They have a huge range of distributors and the Company has evolved into a highly successful health and wellness organization operating in more than 20 countries today. Juice plus includes a number of different products such as, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, sugars obtained from fruits and vegetable.

In the UK and Ireland, the company currently have over 14,000 distributors involved in the business with their own franchise. Juice plus reported revenue of $550 million in 2015 and in 2016, it revenue was reported at $595 million and in 2019, the company’s revenue increased to $660 million. So the company’s revenue continues to climb.

Are juice Plus Products Worth Their Price?

Just plus claim to have highly nutritional products on the market today. The products focus on whole food, plant-based nutrition that is still so lacking in diets today, made from quality ingredients grown farm fresh. The juice plus story is that, their products are to supplement the nutrients lacking in our diet today. The varieties of Juice Plus+ products include capsules, chewables and the Complete range.

Some juice plus product price ranges from $138 to $226 per product. The 3 piece juice plus product with 3 bottles – 120 capsules in each (1) Orchard Blend, (1) Garden Blend & (1) Vineyard Blend for a 2-month supply (seen above) was listed on amazon at $181.99 excluding shipping. Another product I found was the Juice plus Chewables – Orchard & Garden Blend Bags – 2 Each also listed on amazon at $159.99. According to my research, there is no official product catalog that include prices.

Prices and complaints were found on customer comments left on the trustpilot website.










In order to compare prices, I needed to try to find something similar. Below is a Pure Natural Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes (8 oz.) Whole Food Based Protein Powder, Vitamin B Complex, Beta-glucans and All 18 Amino Acids I found on Amazon. The original price was $24.95. It’s on sale for $$16.95. This set has a 4.7 star review by the 2.731 customers who bought it.

But, the juice plus product have had their own share of problems over the years. Many of their customers have reported not having the results they had earlier been told. Some of their products are also undrinkable as many customers don’t like the taste and the expensive prices.

So there are certainly similar and better products out there at a fraction of the price. The professional set above is one of the best there I found. I couldn’t find anything in the $1,000 range. I think there are definitely better products out there you can find on your own.

The Juice Plus MLM Opportunity

You’ll need to be signed up through a sponsor in order to become a distributor. If you don’t have one, you will have one appointed to you. You don’t have to have any work experience which is a plus so anyone can sign up. These products are sold through demonstrations so you promote them through with friends, demonstrations at outdoor fairs and bridal fairs. Its like you have to talk to everyone so you can be able to make your point clear and sales be made. Though less information is given about juice plus opportunity, we did learn that a key to success is ‘sharing and growing your business’. This is MLM speak for saying you need to recruit people to make money.

Go to the company’s franchise sign-up page and fill out the sign-up form, which asks for your name, address and additional information such as how you heard about the company and if you’re an existing Juice Plus customer. In all cases, after you submit the form, an existing Juice Plus distributor will contact you. You’ll become that distributor’s sub-distributor.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Juice Plus?

The initial cost of becoming a Juice Plus “distributor” is only $50, but if you’re thinking of selling the company’s products, there are some limitations to the business model you should understand before you start. There is also some controversy about the actual value of the company’s products. Ones you pay $50, you will be given a minimum amount of products you and your distributor agree on and that’s it, you are in to business.

Can You Make Money with Juice Plus?

It’s difficult to say how much you can make with this offer. There’s no compensation information available. Most juice plus distributor make little or no money at all. Products you get from juice plus as a distributor can only be sold to you relatives and close friends since you have no market for them at the time of joining. Except you own a website to sell these products or to sell them to company’s like amazon which is difficult.


  1. No Experience Necessary

One of the main reasons people find MLMs so attractive is that they don’t require you to have any real work experience. Such is the case with Juice Plus as well. As long as you are old enough to work, you can sing up as a Distributor.

2. Variety of Products

There are a variety of different products for customers to choose from so there’s something for everyone. Customers can choose from a range of fruits, vegetables and other chewables.


  1. Payment Plans/Warranty

There is no payment plan with juice plus products. Your payment varies with destination of shipping your ordered products. The warranty is vague as you have to agree with their customer services its policy.

2. Very Expensive Products

There’s not a lot of pricing information to go on here, but the pricing information I did find indicates that these juice, capsules and vegetables are quite expensive in amazon, eBay markets.

3. Product Recalls

There’s no evidence that Juice Plus+ is any better at this than a regular multivitamin. … Considering the high cost of these supplements and the lack of evidence of any real health benefits, you should think twice before buying them.

4. Horrible Customer Service

There are many complaints listed on the trustpilot website. Of 295, only one is a 3.2-star review. All the others are one-star reviews. Customers who have had problems with the products have not been able to get their issues resolved through Customer Service. Very few of these complaints have been addressed by the company.

5. Non Functional Return Policy

Though juice plus has a return policy put in place, it is never carried out as most customers complain on how their returns have never been met. The customer service only advise more on how to use the product and direct you another agent. The time passes and you are stalked with the expensive product.

6. Lawsuit Settlement

A California woman says she was tricked into buying a monthly subscription for Juice Plus+ supplements. The Juice Plus+ Company LLC and Natural Alternatives International Inc. failed to make the terms of their automatically renewing subscription clear to consumers. The Juice Plus+ class action lawsuit claims that the company’s violated California automatic renewal laws requiring the terms of such agreements, including cancellation, to be clear and conspicuous.

The plaintiff seeks to represent other Californians who were duped into the alleged Juice Plus+ auto renewal scheme.

The Juice Plus+ class action lawsuit was originally filed in California state court and has since been removed to federal court.

Is Juice Plus a Scam?

This is one company you definitely want to steer clear of. The problems with the products, poor customer service, no clear return policy and lawsuits will be enough to scare customers away. There’s also not a lot of information out there in regard to compensation for distributors or how much it would cost to join them. If there are product demonstrations involved, that means you probably have to buy a starter kit of $50 every month. That’s too much knowing that there is no ready market waiting for you to make sales and benefit from your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Selling products through direct selling is difficult if you don’t have a wide network to fall back on. But if the products are inferior and/or have poor customer service and other problems, you will lose customers faster than you make them.

There are other ways to have a flexible work schedule where you call the shots and create your own income. If you are interested in building your own online business check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll learn everything you need to know about building your own business. You’ll receive a website, hosting. Training, 24/7 support and some pretty awesome tools.


What Does It Take To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Are you thrust and fed up of you day job and wishing to start a business of you own? I know that feeling right? Where you give you best and you bossy employer doesn’t seem to appreciate you work. It takes just you intuition to change that and prefer to create job for others. With the crowded information on the internet and more than 7 billion people in the world with an average of 4 billion people having fast internet, it takes just wisdom to be a successful entrepreneur.

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Well, this a common question I get always. The straight forward answer is, the ability to be able to trust and believe in yourself. Did I make that simple? Sure I did. When you believe and trust yourself, it is easier for you to portray confidence and to excel in what ever you want to do. The confidence you have will guide you in decision-making and success will manifest.

What You Should Do

Statistics shows that, most successful entrepreneurs with the biggest names today followed someone before they emerged successful. This is what I also advise you should do. The theory part of entrepreneurial skills thought in school can’t help you in the real world. You need the practical knowledge and apply passion to it. Don’t let a lack of a degree to define where you belong as an entrepreneur. We where all born with a particular gift, there is always something unique with everyone.

Find that unique thing about you and turn it to a money making basket. An entrepreneur is simply someone who is creative and ready to take risk. Use you unique gift, you passion and earn with it. This isn’t thought in schools, reasons why I recommend following someone in order for you to develop you creativity. This lead us to our next heading.

Who Should You Follow

Most people think, the likes of successful people became successful by following other successful people. The answer is a big NO. The reverse is true. For instance, Jack Ma, Dan Lok, Bill Gate will always advise you to follow a small company or work for a smaller firm instead of a big one. Working with smaller firm gives you more advantage to build yourself and it will intend bring the best in you.

You don’t expect Bill Gate to come and start giving you lecture on how you can make money or how you should become an entrepreneur. There is a saying, knowledge is power and with money comes great power that requires the right knowledge to keep it. This is why you should know Bill Gate isn’t coming to teach on how to be a successful entrepreneur. He is busy learning from people of his class on how to protect his money or make more money.

Many want to become entrepreneurs but wish to follow the already self-made millionaires. Just like working for a big firm instead of working for smaller firm, you should do same for entrepreneurship. Follow someone whose level with yours isn’t a big different. Someone whom you have seen results and his methods working for him.

Someone who will have time to explain things to you at his best and never get busy to correct you all through the way. These are the kind of people you should follow to become successful as an entrepreneur. The over successful entrepreneurs have a lot in their hands already, learning from young entrepreneur who knows what is doing should be you best option.

Why You Should Practice Entrepreneurship

There are many reasons why you should become and entrepreneur. Things are evolving and change has been consistent.

About 300 years back, land was wealth and the person who owned land owned the wealth. As time changed, wealth was later owned by factories and production. This is one of the reasons why America is so powerful today because they owned factories and production. They dominated in industrialization and owned the wealth.

Today, wealth is in information. The person who owns the most timely information owns the wealth. It is in you favor to capture this information and share with 4.5 million people. Information flies around at the speed of light. Wealth can no longer be contained by boundaries as land and factories where.

Except you want to remain in the system of education that has failed and it is still failing as a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job in our today’s society. The real world is made of entrepreneurs who are emerging every day to become rich and influential men in our society.

People with degrees today end up struggling because they still cling to the old ideas. They want things to be the way they where and they resist change.

Using Information To Amount Wealth As An Entrepreneur

Information is the new wealth and with more than 7 billion people in the world today, the internet has made it possible to communicate right at the comfort of you home and spread relevant information.

I learned this and I’m sharing it with you now. Since I left school, a college degree hasn’t giving me the millions I needed. By simply providing information on the internet, I have made millions which is something the school system has failed to teach us.

Limiting you opinion is the same as hanging on to old ideas. I had a friend at school who now works 3 jobs. Years back he was the richest of all my classmates. Today, he is struggling because he still has the old ideas from school. He was not only rich, he also was among st the brightest student. Today he is struggling to keep a job. We where meant to believe that, scoring good grades will keep us distinct with others in the society who made poor grades. Is that really the case?

How And Where To Convey Information

The internet is where you will always meet people and it is the best place you can easily spread you opinion. This can be done through social media or through a website. A Billion of people search for information through the net which you can leverage to make money as well as educate others.

There is an article I wrote on how to build a website in less than 60 seconds, you may want to check it and get started. With a website you are able to meet different people with you information. Like I said, we all where born with a unique creativity. Do not limit yourself from what you where taught in school.

The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind, if it is trained well, it will create enormous wealth. Train you mind, concentrate in what you know how to do better instead of trying to fix you flaws.

When To Start/ Where To Start

The educational system has failed the society, creativity is all we have got to put ourselves on track. I will challenge you to read the story of Dan Lok OR the story of Jack Ma.

There are millions of platforms you can stick with and become a successful entrepreneur be it in Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds or Notes. This can be done easily with the use of a laptop and internet. You don’t need the traditional system of entrepreneurship where you have to spend money to employ workers, rent an apartment, stock goods and so on.

I am building wealth as we speak with this multimedia company by name wealthy affiliate. Click here to check on my review about this amazing marketing platform.

You should start now as business growth requires rapid action and that where you success lies.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an entrepreneur can be challenging if you mind is not into it. The passion you apply in what you do as an entrepreneur and fast decisions that will lead to the growth of you business. When you are slow in decision-making and you are not ready to take risk, it will affect you business and this can lead to bankruptcy.

There are other flexible ways you can learn these skills and become perfect in whatever you do where you call the shots and success is guarantee. When you are interested in building you own online business check out my #1 recommendation. You’ll learn everything you need to know about building you own business. You will receive a website hosting, training, 24/7 team support.

That’s it

I hope this post has convinced you to build a business of you instead of relying on a corporate job. There is an amazing opportunity that with the right direction, you can run a profitable enterprise and become a world-class business tycoon. Don’t forget to add you comment below, we are pleased to respond within the shortest time period.

25 Business And Livelihood Lessons/25 Life Lessons

As I grew older, clicking glasses with my love ones on special days like my birthday became a habit and a must do thing. One thing stands out, as I turned 3o.

Well, I have never followed a conventional life since I was 19 which is one of my most outstanding things I am proud of and which also stands out as my favorite thing about my life. I have done most things since then on my terms and believed early on working on my own agenda.

25 Life lessons

Even it meant making really difficult decisions, I have tried to manage all the shocks that come with the bad decisions I make and never let them draw me back. I have always lived for a positive tomorrow and enjoy today without negativity.

I have moved from multiple countries, change jobs and look for that single job that satisfy my desire. As of 30, I found that unique job in business and to help others through the rough path. Today I will share with you 25 business livelihood lessons that are the pillars of my successful journey in the business world.

My best teacher has been Fear, Uncertainty and change. As I remain humble and open to what tomorrow will bring forth, here are my 25 livelihood business lessons.

  1. You don’t need to have or work a corporate job. No matter what they tell you, it is not safe anyways. There is much more money to be made out there and lot of fun to catch, why enclave yourself to a unique position? You don’t to be other people who choose misery over uncertainty. Remember, doing what you love doing is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Come to think of it, how many billionaires are from corporate jobs?
  2. The poor always say, I can’t do it or I can’t afford it. The brain is the most powerful part of the body. As you mention you can’t do it or can’t afford it, the brain stops to work and goes to sleep because there is no work to be done. A rich man will always ask how can I do it or how can I afford it, this keeps the brain working and bringing solutions to your needs.
  3. It is never about your background. You came from a poor home, you never went to the best schools and all the likes. If you hate your situation that much, you can change it, this I guarantee you. You never know what you can accomplish if you keep yourself in the same circle. No situation is permanent. Be it good or bad, you can change.( Was Rome built in a day?)
  4. The only way to do it is to start now. There must be a starting point and the ACTION word best describe why the rich remain richer and the poor remain poorer. The rich are ready for risk while the poor are afraid of risk. Risk is part of your livelihood, nothing is certain. The highest epidemic in history that claim so many lives came and it was uncertain if we can overcome it in the shortest time period, but here we are and still breathing.
  5. Reading books and magazines is a life changer. Remember, the more you know things, the more opportunities you will have. Information rules the world of business and more informed you are, the higher your chances of changing your situation. My first ever book I bought was the Rich Dad Poor Dad and I can tell you with certainty, the book changed my life and I am so glad I got it.
  6. Forgive people no matter what the did to you. You are not forgiven them to make them happy, far from that, this is just for your own inner peace and this brings you good luck and a brighter day. You can’t think well when you are angry as anger takes the better of us.
  7. Listen to no one when it comes to making a big decision in your business or in your personal life. Only employ expertise in the business aspect of it but not in your personal life.
  8. Don’t let people tell you how good you are. What you feel deep inside is the reflection of how good you are. I learned this from my mentor and founder of the high ticket closer.
  9. My mother taught me lesson number 9, Which is never given up on failure. Try the first time you don’t succeed, try, try again. She made me see failure as never an obstacle and I have implemented this to my business, movements, livelihood and I am doing just great. If you don’t try, you have already failed anyways, so why not try it?
  10. Don’t follow your passion if it can’t pay your bills.
  11. Surround yourself with people who see good in every situation. Growth does not like negative energy.
  12. Laugh often, its natural that people who laugh often succeed more than those who stay upset.
  13. Constantly picture your ideal life. This is will only encourage you to make it happen.
  14. Qualification and education means a lot less than you think. The case study of the most influential men today will tell you the went back to school after the money to sustain their live.
  15. Love yourself even if you find yourself in the worst situation.
  16. Talk to strangers, new people every day and you will never be short of ideas.
  17. Everyone don’t have to like you. It’s okay if some people don’t like you. Haters will always be there likewise secret admirers.
  18. Even your hero is scared, your mother and father are also scared. It is just normal to be scared.
  19. Life is more sweet when you are in it. Don’t let the happy moments pass you buy.
  20. Focus on your strength and not your weakness.
  21. Accept blames and move on. Don’t feel guilty for it as human, we all have our flaws.
  22. Gratitude should be your secret weapon. Everyone likes credit, give your friends credits and compliments, it won’t alter your personality.
  23. Wealth is for you to be committed to an idea over time. You become and expert if you do something you enjoy like doing and this is how wealth is easily made.
  24. Don’t worry about the problems the president of the country should be worried about.
  25. Take each day as a normal day and you will be just fine.

What are your livelihood business and daily life lessons?

Share with us your life lessons so far in the comment section below!

How To Create Content On A Website

To run an online business is tough. If you are trying to rank your website on google or demanding to start an online business, then you surely know that creating content is very important. I am sure you also know that, lot of mature and unique content is also very important. To create content on a website is really important as the success and growth of your business depends on it.

It sucks right?….This I know because it takes time and a lot of energy to create content and this can be so challenging. Well, writing content is dithering and I would love you to join me to this enjoyable journey of creating content on your website. I promise you will enjoy this as you don’t have to be a professor or a book writer in order to build adorable content for your readers. Let’s Get Started

First Step: Coming Up With Ideas

We all know that, it is not easy to come up with content on daily basis or even weekly basis. But there are simple steps you can implement to get rid of this dilemma by doing minor research.

3 Ways to research content

  • Researching Offline

The internet has a lot of content but you can end up spending the whole day researching without finding the useful idea you need at a particular. That is why it is a great idea to stay away from your computer and go outdoor in order to find inspiration. There are also offline resources such as magazines, books related to your niche. You can bring ideas together and create unique content.

You don’t have to buy these magazines, hanging outdoor in the neighborhood with a local book store or magazine and glance through the pages and see what captivates your interest.

  • Key Research

The most common way to get ideas for your content is through key research. I personally use this method. Many rely on creating content through search volume, metrics and then brainstorm which I think is more complicated as they end up forgetting ideas they already memorized.

The best two methods used by experts in searching for ideas in content creating are;

  1. Using Jaaxy Brainstorm Feature

  2. The Alphabet Technique

Using Jaaxy Brainstorm Feature

Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that can help you grow your website with awesome content. It can help locate low hanging keywords that can lead to high traffic on your website. You can discover new keywords by starting with a broad search and Jaaxy will give you alternative of words with both high and low traffic. This tools shows the exact number of people who search for these words on Google and how many times they have been searched.

Take a look at an example I ran by searching the word Basketball skills & Drills, within a few seconds, I got many words related to a single keyword and also alternatives. I further noticed there are better keywords people are searching for and you can leverage that in order to get great content and make it interesting.

Jaaxy, key research tool

As you can see from above, it is really very easy to come up with content if you follow this step to help you discover awesome topics for your blog or your website. Any of the topic you choose will help be rank on Google easily as you target low competition keywords.

The Alphabet Technique

The alphabet technique is whereby you leverage Google to search for instant information and Google gives you suggestions as you type what you look for alphabetically. See an example below How to avoid Scam….search on Google

Scams, google search key, Alphabet search

The example above shows how I have written How to avoid scams and below that, Google has given me other suggestions because of what I have written. The main idea behind the Alphabet technique is for you to use basic keywords by going through the Alphabet for additional suggestion.

Take a look at the screenshot below and see what I am trying to explain.

keyword search


Try adding the “b” in-front of letter “a” and see the results. See the screenshot below,

keyword technique



Any of the suggestions that pick your interest can be chosen and then you dig deeper and write content on it. This helps a lot since it must have narrowed your search of keywords and you can come up with great content.

For example, one of the suggestions stands out for me and I decided to dig deeper and come out with great content by adding more letter in-front of “ab”

Try adding the “b” in-front of letter “a” and see the results. See the screenshot below,

Google search, keyword search

Within 60 seconds, you must have come out with great keywords to start up content that will drive traffic to your website and that will eventually lead to conversion.

There is a step by step guide of a video if you wish to learn more about the alphabet technique, click and watch the video below.




Check out the entire process by watching the entire video of the Alphabet technique above.

Second Step: Content Writing

This is where a huge number of people fall short and think they have met a barrier they can’t cross. Many people tend not to know what to write. This is simply because they are looking into the perfect article or a perfect content. Another thing I noticed was, folks tend to write articles in order to please Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and take less consideration for the readers. This is a HUGE mistake.

Write For The Reader

  • Answer this; Who buys from you?

a) Google Search Engines?

b) Readers

There is more to creating your content for readers than creating your content for search engines. There is more in life than Google. With this mind set, you will be able to improve yourself as a content author and will help you to create more content.

TipsContent is more of a dialogue with your readers. There more enticing your readers find your content, the more likely they will return to view your website and the more likely you will convert and make more sales.

Planning Your Content In Bullets

I personally do not know if every use this same method, but I can tell you for sure, it is one of the best methods used by almost everyone. I personally use this method. Take a look at the bullet I wrote below in order for me to come up with this particular content.

Within 60 seconds, you must have come out with great keywords to start up content that will drive traffic to your website and that will eventually lead to conversion.

There is a step by step guide of a video if you wish to learn more about the alphabet technique, click and watch the video below.

Content creating on website

Note that, not every point listed has to be used. This is just making your writing much easier.

Start With An Intro

On the first paragraph, try to give an inside of what you are about to write. Make it brief and captivating so your readers can be enticed reading further. In can be simple as, In this article, I am going to be discuss about…………


From the bullets, just write without being afraid of perfection because it is not going to happen by the way. The moment you realize that a perfect article isn’t important, it will make your content creating easier.

Use Images

Images are very important in your content. As you can see from this particular article, I have included images which best explain what I am trying to illustrate in the form of writing. Align your images mostly at the center as side images mostly break the readers pattern of reading.

Grammar Check

There are mistakes that can not be seen by just looking at an article. I advise writers to avoid these errors by going through grammar check routine. There are tones of apps you can use to automatically check spellings and punctuation. I for one uses Wealthy Affiliate site content to check spellings and you can see on the screenshot below.

Grammar check tool


This where you should summarize what you have said so far and how you have solved the problem. It is also good to ask questions on this part to keep your users engaged and for them to have a say on your platform. The more you entice your users, the more they will come back and read from you, this will subsequently lead to high traffic and high conversion.


Creating content is difficult only as you make it. If you try this style, trust me, creating content will be just as easy as having cafe. Your website will be full with great content each day and your site will be rank by Google in less than no time. Just try as much as possible to be yourself and write naturally.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to creating content? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.




How Does Making Money Online Work?

Huge uncertainty borders this unique topic of ” How The Heck Does Making money online actually work? Well, what you are about to read is based on a true story and personal experience on how I am constantly making money online. With free webinars from 6 figures mentors who inspired me to join the online money-making industry.

How Can You Make Money Online

Defining how to make money online is not as simple as it sounds as there are several ways of making MONEY online. You can make money online just like the offline world. Making money online is real and asking the question of how do I make money is NO DIFFERENT from asking how do I sell my second hand-phone.

If you are among those looking for answers on how does making money online work, then this article is for you and I hope you will sacrifice some few minutes and read to the end. I don’t know you, but one thing I am sure of is, We are-alike, We are ready to increase our financial status, We are ready to take action.

Get Into The Hard Working Mindset

If you need to start making money online, you need to start to buckle down and work hard. I won’t tell you about making money online as easy as you might have seen on many platforms. But one thing I can assure you are, you have a high chance of succeeding in earning revenue online than offline.

Your mindset has the greatest role to play on what you wish for. With hard work comes great success. Money brings money if not more money. I won’t also encourage you to start investing online with your last savings as generating income online requires consistency and time.

Becoming successful online as the gurus you see today online can be compared to a farmers planting season. You can’t plant rice and expect to harvest maize. Take a look at the story of Jack Ma, the story of Dan Lok, It is as a result of years of hard work, which has given them the room to enjoy all that they are enjoying today. They are masters earning huge sums of dollars online.

A Reality Check

It is most important that you know which unique program you are about to join online and if it pays and operates in your country to avoid SCAM. It’s mandatory to know which direction to follow when it comes to how to make money online works. Research as there are tons and thousands of platforms with great tools to help you achieve your online financial goals.

I am going to assume that you have already been exposed to which platform is around your area which will serve as a pathway for your money-making business. Be sure to read and check out reviews on the site you are about to join as this is the most important part of your success.

If there is a product you are wondering about and you haven’t seen a good review on it, send me a message and I will investigate it and help you out if it is SCAM FREE.

With all this in mind and if you are doubting which products you can generate money from, here is a list of 7 recommendations that you can start earning from.

Legit Ways Of Making Money Online

1. Ecommerce 

This refers to the buying and selling of goods through the internet. It is almost the same as offline marketing with a slight difference in you not having physical contacts with your customers. Ecommerce requires you to sell products on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Alibaba, Lazada.

This is one of the most profitable online business and it is the one that requires you with the most capital and experience. Joining e-commerce requires you to build a team and to provide customer services to fulfill the product to reach the final consumer.

You need to upload images of the products you sell, a brief description, and the price tag. Learn how to drive traffic on your eCommerce site in other for you to make more sales hence earn more income. driving traffic to your eCommerce site may require you to join social media platforms for you to create awareness of your product.

2. Drop Shipping

There are a lot of people making money with a model. It requires less capital and you are directly working with wholesalers by moving goods from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the distribution channels.

All you need to do is, you have to act as a marketer by driving traffic through social media, email marketing, your website. You take the order and send the order to a wholesaler or a distributor and they will ship it for you.

Sometimes they will charge you money for handling fees like $2 depending on which company you are hooked up with. Your matrix of making money is small because you sell single products at a time and it requires time for you to build confidence with regular customers so your sales can be high.

Remember you have to make a sale before you can make money, all the risk is on your shoulder as the whole sellers and manufacturers share no risk with you.

3. Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing and it is my number source of making money online. This is where I am sure of making my first bucket of goal within the shortest time I have been in the industry.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t require a significant amount of capital, you are not required to own your products. This model is by far outstanding as of now because, you only need to act as a middle person, choose a handful of products, and sell these products online while you receive rewards.

You don’t have to be involved with the inventory and consumer fulfillment. Just try to be a great creator and promote the products you feel good within promoting through your website, social media. You can also test traffic or taste traffic either paid traffic or free traffic depending on which best works for you. Ones you can drive traffic to your Affiliate Offer and that’s it.

4. Software Businesses

This model is one of the most common in making money online business. It requires skills and for you an individual to know what he/she is doing. Ones you know what you are doing, that’s a sign of huge success in the software industry.

Many companies make millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars. It could be an active campaign, hosting, go to meetings, software tracking. This model is the most powerful in the online world because it is the same peace which is been sold to thousands of people.

The information doesn’t need replication, the same information is made available to many people such that many users can use it at the same time. With the use of technology now, you can easily developers, hackers to develop this software for you.

The problem is, a software not done well may require you to spend millions of dollars before you could get back a refund. If you know what you are doing, then, the software business is a great deal for you.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on your block, Youtube videos and you get paid when visitors click on your ads. The ads are generated from businesses that use the Google Adwords account.

With this model, you need to create a blog or a website to drive traffic. Their amount of money earned through this model as small as you need a lot of traffic to make a significant amount of money. The encouraging part about this model is, it is free to join and you can gradually drive traffic to your website and allow your penny to pile up.

Creating a decent amount of content to maintain a significant amount of traffic will convert to higher sales. 

Hey! Do you want my advice?

There is nothing like a penny in the digital world. Any amount of money can eventually turn into a significant sum. Baby steps matter a lot and this model of making money online is just one of them.

6. Expert Business

This involves packaging, your skills, knowledge, and your passion for some kind of a product. With this I mean online courses, training programs, services that you can provide. Maybe you are a digital marketer running a social media agency or you are doing any kind of program that can enhance people’s business of people’s life.

That’s the expert business. People do run to the internet for virtually every information. You can leverage this to earn a significant amount of money as you help people grow their businesses.

7. You tube

Using this model to make money online has a tremendous impact on both your business and making a huge sum of money in return. Take for instance you own an eCommerce business. You could create demonstration videos about your business and the services you offer.

Uploading this on youtube will drive traffic to your eCommerce business which will lead to a significant converting rate. You can as well teach people how to use your products.

Gain Experience By Failing

In most cases, people fail when they want to start making money online. It is okay to accept failure because it strengthens you to know the things you should DO and the things you should NOT do.

You can alleviate failure by working with an experienced and support network. This could appear in the form of high-quality training, a mentor, or an online community with experienced gurus who will teach you how to make money online business works.

When I first entered the world of making money online months back, I was presented with an amazing training program which I am still proud of as it has shaped my income significantly. This program taught me how to create amazing evergreen money making strategies and support me along the entire way.

This training community still exists today and I am still a member of this said platform. Without doubt and certainty, I am benefiting from it even as a newbie. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of receiving help, even if it cost you money as it will end up being a sound investment.

Where To Go Now

I hope this page has convinced you that working money online is an amazing opportunity and that with you going to the right track, you can make a significant change in your income.

For questions and other queries about this topic, please drop them in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to get back to you.